The Humanities Workforce

Those who study history, philosophy, English, and languages develop critical thinking, communication, and research skills that are highly sought after in the workplace. This broad humanities workforce finds rewarding careers in many industries and types of organizations. At the same time, some of those who work in education face real challenges. In 2016, adjunct faculty members, who now make up the majority of all faculty in the country, earned on average just $16,718 from a single institution—just 4% above the federal poverty level for a family of two.1 This site explores the wide range of humanities careers while advocating forcefully for the fair treatment of all workers.




More Adjuncts

Since 1975, the percentage of faculty that is part-time has risen by 70%.[2]



No Health Care

Only 28% of part-time faculty receive health care from their employer.[3]



Public Aid

25% of part-time faculty and their families receive some form of public assistance.[4]

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